The Emblem of The Helping Hand

It was because of my sincere gratitude, that The Helping Hand Emblem
and this blog were created. Just my way of saying ~ ~
Much Obliged! Very Much Obliged!

The doors of the original Sojourner's Place officially opened for business on January 1, 2008. I was scared, but excited about this new venture. And now, while no longer scared - I remain excited with what the future holds for me and and the new Sojourner's Place launched May 2009!

Sojourner's Place and I came a long way in just a few short months. But, we didn't get there by ourselves. We had a lot of help, support, and encouragement. The blogsphere, Afrosphere, and definetely the AfroSpear welcomed us with open arms. And for that we will be enternally grateful.

Much Obliged and Paying it Forward #4

Happy New Year! One year ago today, Sojourner's Place officially opened and became a member of the blogosphere with a post entitled, Being Black in the Workplace.

Today, 378 posts later, Sojourner's Place a rank of #65 on Villager's Black Blog Rankings for December 2008 out of 1516 blogs and has been the recipient numerous awards.

It is customary that when a milestone is reached in the life of Sojourner's Place, The Emblem of the Helping Hand is passed along as my way of saying Much Obliged, Very Much Obliged to those who made it possible for ole SjP to keep on going.

Therefore, I am both pleased and humbled to pass on the first Emblems of 2009 and the 4th round of recipients from Sojourner's Place to the following blogs:
Congratulations! Be sure to leave your mark below and pass the Emblem on.

Obliged to you for hearing me, and now old SjP ain't got nothing more to say.

Thank you so much SjP! You are a saint. This is what life is all about.

Thanks to RevvyRev for recognizing me. Not sure I deserve it, just sharing myself with others.

I owe you a comment from months ago, but I'm glad you still love me!
I am humbled and honored to not only have received this most prestigious award from you as a helping hand but I am doubly honored to have received it again from the Rev as a mentor.
I pray that with every day the good Lord chooses to waken me I in turn show God's love and touch someone's life.
I thank you SJP for taking the time to create this awesome honor and sharing it with so many of us!
Peace, Love & Blessings!

Dear SJP,

I just received the "Helping Hand" emblem from fellow blogger Mizrepresent (Miz's Write For Life) and was most appreciative. It has been passed on to ten other bloggers and I left my link here. This is my first time visiting your blog and I like the concept. Thank you!

SJP, many thanks for sponsoring the Helping Hand! I just received it from Denise at Shortybears Place; stop by anytime for more love:)

I'm honored to have received this award from Mizrepresent! I will pass it on to the bloggers who've extended a much-needed, supportive hand to me over the past 7 months. Thanks for taking the time to create a highly-regarded source of recognition! very first blog award! What an honor! Thank you for creating this award to encourage has definitely encouraged me! Bless you so much!

SjP, I don't know what you have running here, but I like it. Look at how you have brought us all together. I thank you for that as well as for finding someone who would nominate me for this award.

Thank you for reaching out with a positive action that "pays forward" to so many. I am new at blogging & CraftyGryphon.blogspot has given so much to me in learning. This experience has changed my life.

I feel very honored to be recognized.Thank you Darla for thinking of me. I hope to pass on the goodness and keep the positive action going♥

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Leaving the Pile Higher Than I Found It

Receiving the Emblem in recognition for your mentoring, support, and encouragement to a fellow blogger is no small fete! It is evidence that you have gone well beyond the call of duty by your continued efforts to "leave the pile higher than you found it"! It is further evidence that your blog(s)has been identified as the epitome of excellence and is certainly admired.

Receiving the Emblem from a seasoned blogger is a testimony to your that you're on the right track! That your voice is being heard. And there are those out here in the blogosphere that recognize your potential even if you don't. Keep up the good work, and remember to "Pay it Forward".

Congratulations again. Please add yourself to The Emblem of the Helping Hand meme so others will learn of your accomplishment. And don't forget to add a comment.

Much obliged...very much obliged, SjP

The Emblem of the Helping Hand

The Rules for Passing on the Emblem of the Helping Hand

Just copy and paste into your Emblem post. I'd be very much obliged if you keep the links in tack as I like to visit recipients to whom the Emblem is past.


1. Pass on the Emblem to up to 10 bloggers:
* Up to 5 who have provided you with encouragement and support; AND
* Up to 5 you want to provide encouragement and support to
2. Create post linking to the blogs or bloggers you passing the Emblem on to.
3. Include a link to Sojourner’s Place ( in your post.
4. Show your some love by adding them to your blog roll, Technorati Favorite list, etc.
5. Add your name to The Helping Hand link and leave a comment as a permanent record of all Helping Hand recipients (
6. Display the rules.


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